the stick with a magic ball, the rocket-powered refrigerator, the timed rocket with a counter, the modified laser gun, the magic tablets, the talking flower, the extraterrestrial capsule, the prehistoric hammer, the radioactive cookie, the spy umbrella, the astronaut cap, the electric mace, the rocket sneakers, the nuclear ball, the angel sparks, the balloon rifle, the electric glove, the modified fire mask, the drone with a face, a plant that gives supernatural powers, the metal bird, the dragon head cap, the modified binoculars from the future, the gloves with cat claws, the flying rucksack, the dinosaur bone, the time-controlling joystick, the knight’s shield with unusual symbols, the mystical package, the robot in the shape of a fire extinguisher, the key from the future, the magical book, the metal arm, the flying gloves, the owl-shaped glasses, the spy hat, the reduced nuclear projectile, the light in a glass ball, the electric rope, the spy watch, the metal cap, the magical chain, the cap with a big eye, the stick with a magnet, the mask in the shape of animal skull, the knife in the shape of wings, the timed balloon, the electric torch, the magical clock, the wooden wings, the machine with large gears, the fuel-powered camera, the activated mine, the droid fly, the alien gold coins, the gods’ axe, the hand-held anti-aircraft cannon, the mug with a magic potion, the crossbow with projectiles, the electric face mask with a fan, the space station tools, the wooden doll with antenna, the pilot glasses with built-in binoculars, the catapult that fires a skateboard, the gun that shoots golden coins, the ice cream in electric cone, the tusk cap, the rocket-powered drone, the robot leg chair, the mechanical shell with a gem, the golden bomb with diamonds, the robot built in a mushroom, the monster treasure map, the gods’ treasure map